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Saturday Night Prawn Raffle – Voulenteers Needed

Our Saturday night prawn raffle is the main fund raiser for our fishing club and allows us to fund BBQ’s, functions, prizes and any minor running cost such as membership cards. At the moment this is run by half a dozen people on a roster. What we would like to see is the number of people on this increased to at least a dozen so each person on the roster is only required once every 3 months or so.

What is required – There are two parts:

Part one – Prawn Pickup

Picking up the prawns from Luckies at the top of town before 1:00pm on the Saturday. Dropping the prawns off to the cool room behind the bar at the club. Checking that fridge in the bar area where the prawns will be stored during raffle is on so it cool for the raffle.

Part two – The actual raffle 

You would start selling tickets at approximately 6.00pm. The draw will be conducted by a member of the bar staff usually between 7.15pm and 7.30pm. The process is very simple and there will always be somebody there to help with first timers.

It is all about spreading the load among members so the load is not carried by only a few.

If you are able to help with part one, two or both between now and Christmas email me,, with a contact number and I will adjust the roster to suit. Also let me know any dates you would not be available.The roster is always going to be a best guess as we know things change and with notice we can always swap things around.

Ethan Zagar with 1 metre (10.30kg) Lake Mulloway 14th May 2022


1st – Team Alwright – Ian Graham & Dave Wright 4.61 points

2nd – Team Frej – Fred Alderman & Reg Bateup 3.06 points

3rd – Team Best – Nathan & Harrison Best 2.97 points

Biggest Fish – Team Zman – Dusky Flathead 56.5cm C&R 1.22kg

Our Open Champion for 2021 is also the owner of our club’s ALL-TIME BIGGEST DUSKY FLATHEAD at 103.5cms (8.50kg) Caught, expertly recorded and released – Nathan Best.

Nathan Best & All-Time Biggest Lizard 103.5cm, C&R (8.50kg)

Saturday 14th November 2020 was the day that the mythical and magical ‘over a metre’ Lizard was officially caught, recorded, and released. 103.5 cm’s & 8.5Kgs. Long-time LCFC member Nathan Best was off Killarney when he hooked the LCFC All-Time Biggest Lizard. With his son Harrison on the net and daughter Mackenzie assisting, the catch was expertly recorded with photos, video and club brag mat. Congratulations Team Best (good name).


President: vacant – Mark Paloff has retired after 12 years of service

Vice President : Rod Sydenham

Treasurer: Tony Rolls

Committee: Lynne Cheyne, Drew Jessup – We are looking for new committee members, please get in touch if you’re interested.


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