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The 2022 CONJOLA CUP was run on a very rare calm and fine autumn morning with a record 20 team entries. The March full moon had been blazing away all of the previous night, making the fish nocturnally active and, as with us humans, slow and lazy the next morning. The biggest Dusky Flathead recorded was Team Zman’s (squeaky new

Ethan Zagar with 1 metre (10.30kg) Lake Mulloway 14th May 2022

members Dan Zagar & Jenna James) – 56.5cm (1.22kg). Beach specialist Ian Graham conspired with Dave Wright (Team Alwright) to bag 3 Australian Salmon, 3 Mullet and 5 Whiting for 4.61 points and their Conjola Cup conquest. How did they know a big Lizard wouldn’t be caught?

The Deluxe BBQ and Presentation at the Bowlo was a sell-out (okay, it was free!) with fantastic food provided by Lynne Cheyne and expertly barbequed by Rod Sydenham and Drew Jessup. We also had the opportunity to present last years Junior Champion Harrison Best and Open Champion Nathan Best their trophies.


1st – Team Alwright – Ian Graham & Dave Wright 4.61 points

2nd – Team Frej – Fred Alderman & Reg Bateup 3.06 points

3rd – Team Best – Nathan & Harrison Best 2.97 points

Biggest Fish – Team Zman – Dusky Flathead 56.5cm C&R 1.22kg


Our March comp was a bit sombre following the two floods, with the deep brown lake not particularly inviting and constantly running out. Members may have been busy preparing for this weekend’s edition of the Conjola Cup. Beach specialist Ian Graham hit the sand and recorded a solid bag of 7.09kg for his B&R win. The best on the lake was Lake60+ angler Sid Henderson with 9.46kg, comprised of six Duskies and a Bream. Sid also recorded the biggest fish of the comp – an 85.5cm (4.70kg) C&R Lizard. The Open Section Lake category was claimed by the consistent Ged McGoverne with 2.52kg.

Our Open Champion for 2021 is also the owner of our club’s ALL-TIME BIGGEST DUSKY FLATHEAD at 103.5cms

(8.50kg) Caught, expertly recorded and released – Nathan Best.

LCFC Biggest Fish of the Year goes to Steve Wilson’s 103.5cmF (11.50kg) Lake Mulloway

John Sheehan recorded the LCFC ALL-TIME Biggest Australian Salmon – 65cmF (4.50kg)

2014 Women’s Champion is Deb Walton. 2014 Lake60+ Champion goes to Peter Verran. 2014 Junior Champion is Harrison Best and 2014 Sub-Junior Champ is Mackenzie Best. Congratulations to all.

Remember this day – Saturday, 14th November 2020. And these numbers – 103.5 cms &

Nathan Best & All-Time Biggest Lizard 103.5cm, C&R (8.50kg)

8.50kgs. This is the day that the mythical and magical ‘over a metre’ Lizard was officially caught, recorded, and released. Long-time LCFC member Nathan Best was off Killarney when he hooked the LCFC All-Time Biggest Lizard. With his son Harrison on the net and daughter Mackenzie assisting, the catch was expertly recorded with photos, video and club brag mat. Congratulations Team Best (good name). Now our club is up for the cost of a statue of Nathan outside the Community Hall. Only question is- brass, marble or stainless steel?

NB: Photos of fish can be sent by email, as attachments, to the President’s email address.


President & Weighmaster : Mark Paloff  0406635406

Vice President : Rod Sydenham

Treasurer: Tony Rolls

Committee: Ian Graham, Kiley Kersting, Mark Albiez, Lynne Cheyne, Drew Jessup


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