Competition Rules


Please take Note in-case of emergency:

There is a defibrillator located at Leaning Oak, in the shed at the boat ramp.

Welcome to our Fishing Tournament

Our club encourages the catch/record/release of fish to assist in preserving fish stocks and this policy is reflected in our bag limits, which are usually half of NSW Fisheries legal bag limits. Of course, many of us like to keep some to eat.

All Dusky Flathead over 70cm are female and breeders, catch & release is the rule. Please see below weigh-in rules for fish caught and released.

All club members over the age of 18, must have a valid NSW recreational fishing licence as well as a financial Lake Conjola Fishing Club membership and be a member of the Lake Conjola Bowling and Recreation club.

Members under the age of 18 must be registered with a parent/carer over 18, with all of the above mentioned memberships.

Our first monthly competition is in November. There are 11 monthly competitions, the last being in September. Points are accrued over the 11 competitions, with each monthly comp, also an individual competition.

Our Annual Presentation Night is in October each year. The competition dates, usually the first or second full weekend of the month, are on our website – – See Competition and Event Dates.

Competition Rules

We have five sections of competition, and you must nominate which section in which you choose to compete for the year when you first weigh-in in a comp. Each section of competition (except the Lake 60+ Section) has three separate internal categories – Lake, Beach & Rock, and Ocean.

All sections are the same point system, one point is awarded for every kilo of fish weighed in.

    • Open to all club members.
      • Points are awarded as follows:
        • 1 point per kilo of fish weighed in that weekend’s two weigh-ins
  2. WOMEN’S SECTION – self explanatory
    • Members 60 years of age and over as of the start of competition in   September of that year and limited to fish caught in Lake Conjola and its creeks and estuary.
    • Members aged 13 to 16 as of the start of competition in September of that year.
  5. SUB-JUNIOR SECTION – for members aged 12 years and younger as of the start of competition in   September of that year.

Weigh-in rules

Fish must be caught on a hook and can be recorded by the following methods:

  1. Physically produced to the weighmaster intact & measured on club scales.
  2. For fish caught & released, a clear photograph, with time & date stamp of each individual fish on a brag mat showing total and fork length in centimetres for accepted LCFC species (Please see below for Eligible Species, Bag Limit per weigh-in, and Minimum Length) for which there is an NSW Fisheries length-to-weight ratio.
    • Photographs of fish caught and released during competition must be produced to the weighmaster during weigh-in times.
      • If you are unable to make it in person to weigh in your catch on the day and need to send photo’s of your catch. Prior approval is required from the Vice President Andrew Jessup and a good reason must be provided, such as working, attending a funeral etc. Andrew can be contacted on 0407 709 105 or
        • If approval has been given, Photo’s must be received by 2.00pm on the weigh in day.
        • Photo’s must include a clear time, date and location of fish caught. You must prove the date, time and exact location your fish was caught, this is very important.
    • There is a high standard set for the clarity, quality and time/date stamping of photos and they must be to the satisfaction of the Weighmaster. A general photo of the catch location is also required.
    • For further information about how to weigh your fish with a ruler or Brag Mat visit :

Competition Hours

Competition hours are from 5.00 pm on Friday to 3.00 pm on Sunday on competition weekends.

Weigh-in times

Competition weigh-in times are Saturday & Sunday between 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm


Dave & Di Loughlin’s garage, (the last house before Deepwater Resort in Garrard Way).

Beat the Board

At all other times (i.e. outside of competitions) species with a NSW Fisheries weight-for-length ratio can be recorded and released. There is a high standard set for the clarity, quality and time/date stamping of photos and they must be to the satisfaction of the Weighmaster. A general photo of the catch location is also required.

Photos can be texted to the Vice President Andrew Jessup on 0407 709 105 or emailed to

Outside of competition weekends you can weigh in your fish for beat the board, by contacting the president Ian Graham on 0406 946 856 (Please ensure contact is made during a reasonable hour).

The latest Beat-the Boards to better, can be accessed on our website “Beat the Board” and via your smartphone on our website anytime.

Things to consider prior to weigh in

Members must ensure all fish weighed-in are of legal length before presentation to the scales.

Penalty for under-size fish is disqualification from the competition for that day.

Competition area

Fish can be caught in waters within the area south of the southern shores of Jervis Bay and its tributaries, north of the northern shores of Batemans Bay/Clyde River and its tributaries and 60 kilometres seawards.


A presentation and BBQ (weather permitting) will occasionally be held at the Bowling & Recreation Club beer garden at around 4.00pm on the Sunday after competition weigh-ins from November to May.



Eligible SpeciesBag Limit per Weigh InMinimum Length in CM
Dusky Flathead336 – 70
Over 70 Catch and Release only
Ocean Flathead533
Sand Whiting527
Australian Salmon335
Black Drummer530
Blackspot Pigfish525
Groper Blue/Red140
John Dory525
Morwong Rubber Lip530
Morwong Red Banded etc530
Red Rock Cod325
Yellowtail Kingfish365
Leatherjacket (Juniors only)518
Leatherjacket (Non-Juniors)525

The species in bold Italic have a NSW Fisheries weight for length ratio.

These rules have evolved over many years to promote fairness, integrity and enjoyment of competition and sustainable fishing practices.

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